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Elizabeth Hartley

It is without a doubt that Elizabeth Hartley is a name quite revered and renowned in the hair industry. With over 34 years of experience, Elizabeth has had the opportunity to work with the original pioneers of the Vidal Sassoon empire – Christopher Brooker, Darryll Benson, Tim Hartley, and even Vidal Sassoon himself.

As the first Regional Creative Director in America for Sassoon, Elizabeth traveled quite extensively with the Sassoon International Team and was responsible for developing stylists and educators worldwide. With Tim Hartley as her mentor, Elizabeth solidified her reputation as an exceptional stylist and became an integral asset in developing Sassoon educational programs whilst stimulating an international name for the Sassoon brand. Likewise, her talent for editorial styling manifested and made her a coveted stylist for London and New York fashion week, where she’s worked with many designers which include Vivienne Westwood,Michiko Koshino and Helen Storey.

In 2012, the successful longevity of Elizabeth’s career was proven when she became one of only four Senior Creative Directors for Sassoon. She was entrusted to focus on developing creative teams and teachers while sustaining her strong and loyal clientele in San Francisco.

My passion for art and design is applied daily while developing and mentoring teams and designing hairstyles for the individual. I am inspired by innovative people, different cultures, Japanese design, and art forms that are transient.

As the newest member to Tailored, Elizabeth plans on continuing with the Sassoon legacy of passion, precision, and teamwork.