Jeannie Uncangco

Jeannie Uncangco - Tailored Salon


At the behest of her Mother’s fortune teller, 18-year-old Jeannie was urged to begin her hair career. As a young adolescent, she fought her mothers desires and traveled down a different path. But by the age of 23, her Mothers fortune teller yet again told her how meticulous she was with her hands. Finally, she attended beauty school and soon after started the rigorous program at Sassoon Salon SF. She looked forward without any doubt in her mind that this was her destiny.


For 9 years Jeannie dedicated her life to Sassoon. She eventually became a Senior Colorist for the company and in 2012 won the coveted “Look of the Season” award and was sent to London to work in close proximity with the Sassoon International Team. Throughout the course of her career, Jeannie has taught several assistants through the color program and developed one of the largest clienteles at Sassoon. In 2013, Jeannie became the busiest colorist at Sassoon Salon SF.


In June of 2016, Jeannie left Sassoon SF to further her journey here at Tailored Salon. Today, she remains a Senior Colorist. Jeannie is incredibly detail oriented, and is inspired by her many travels. She is a lover of nature, the outdoors, and her two canine companions Bullet and PeeWee.