Karrie Dies Ramsgaard


Karrie Dies

Karrie’s 15 years of experience began in 2002 with the Vidal Sassoon School in Santa Monica, after which she joined the Sassoon team in San Francisco. She was on a directional path to become a Creative Director, where she acted as a stylist, an educator and was invited to teach at the London Sassoon Academy. Karrie has rejoined our team as the Salon and Academy Manager after living and working abroad for the last two years exploring New Nordic trends in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Karrie’s training and education from Vidal Sassoon have shaped the stylist she is today. She considers suitability to the individual’s hair texture and face shape to be the driving force behind her work. Whether the style is creative or classic, maintaining a look that is aesthetically pleasing to the client so they feel comfortable and confident is imperative. She finds inspiration in fashion, design, nature, and art. Karrie enjoys all things food and wine, spending time outdoors, exercising, traveling, and is a mycology enthusiast.

Karrie returned to school in 2008 to complete her Bachelors and subsequently her Masters. She obtained her Master’s degree in Wine Making from UC Davis and worked in the wine industry for a year and half. Yet she never strayed from working in the salon. Her true passion is and has been cutting hair, and she is excited and looking forward to supporting the Tailored Team and Academy.