Sofie Lynn

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Sofie Lynn

From a young age, Sofie has had a strong appreciation for the powerful metamorphosis a haircut can create—as a young girl, she begged her mother to let her come along to the salon to watch this transformation. After exploring different forms of art, Sofie realized that hair was what inspired her the most. Seeking the best possible education, she chose to attend the Vidal Sassoon Academy in Santa Monica. After she finished, she returned to San Francisco, where she completed her training and became a Vidal Sassoon stylist in 2009. There, she educated others, earned the honor of Top Stylist, and eventually became an Assistant Creative Director.

our hair has the most potential for artful transformation

Sofie is fascinated by the malleability of hair: As the most changeable part of our appearance, it has the most potential for artful transformation. She enjoys designing a wide range of haircuts, from hyper-creative to classic and clean, while always maintaining the strong shape and precision technique she learned from her time at Sassoon. Sofie considers continued education and training to be essential in haircutting excellence, which is why she is excited to continue her career at Tailored Salon.

Born and raised in the Bay Area, Sofie is happy to still call it home. Her interests include rock climbing, hiking, camping, and dancing. She is always searching for new ways to experience and create beauty.