Rated one of the best hair salons in San Francisco, Tailored Salon is a boutique salon located in the heart of Union Square. Our team at Tailored are experts in the craft, we are a group of innovators who believe each haircut and color is a work of art. You can easily see our keen eye for creativity and individuality in our salon, however, we all have a strong foundation in classic timeless looks and above all we produce the best precision haircuts and color in the bay area that are effortless to style and tailored for each individual.
Our team has trained and worked for Vidal Sassoon Salons all over the world, working as educators and creative directors, allowing our stylists and colorists time to achieve mastery in their precision haircuts and color. We have all come together to start Tailored, where we pride ourselves on being an organic, eco-friendly Green Circle Salon, meaning we recycle all by-products produced in a salon environment. We are conscientious of the environment we work and live in, from our organic/sustainable products, such as OWAY, GM Reverie, Davines, and Kevin Murphy, to the water we serve, right down to our cork flooring.
Dear Clients,


We still have not been approved to reopen.  As of now we don’t have a date yet and will notify as soon as we have more information.


I know you are all very excited and in dire need of a haircut or color, but please understand this is still a very sensitive time for the stylist/colorist as we want to feel confident instead of anxious going back to working in these conditions. We will be practicing our new ways of working and have taken a Barbicide safety course to be up-to-date with safety procedures, and the salon will be cleaned every day. We can’t wait to get back to our familiar, but our familiar is going to look totally different. We want to be sure we are doing everything necessary at a level that the clients and ourselves feel safe.


NEW WAYS OF BEING IN THE SALON –From the PBA (Professional Beauty Association)

You are required to wait downstairs and outside of the building until your stylist or colorist contacts you to come up for your appointment. Having moved the stations to make sure they are all separated by six feet and with half the usual salon occupancy, we can no longer have a waiting area inside.


After your stylist/colorist has contacted you to come up, you are welcome to use the elevator or stairs, whichever you feel more comfortable with. To enter the salon, you must wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth at all times. Also, please ensure that the mask’s straps go behind your ear, not around the head. If you do not have the described mask we will have some for purchase at $2 each.


Upon entering the salon we will check your temperature, then have you sign a waiver acknowledging the potential risks of exposure. Once this protocol has been completed, you will then be able to enter the rest of the salon.


Please note: No oversized bags, extra bags, extra family members, friends, children or pets will be permitted to be with you at your appointment as we have minimal occupancy at this time.

If you usually get color and cut, please do your best to book services on the same day to minimize foot traffic in the salon.



We will only be using capes, not gowns. With this in mind, please wear clothing you’re OK with getting hair on, or possibly color since you won’t have the protection of a gown.


Please bring your own water bottle or drink of choice as we will not be offering beverages. Consider bringing a snack if your appointment includes a color treatment, as you will be asked to stay in the building until your service is complete.


There will be no cash exchange, unless you have the exact amount and are prepared to give payment to your service provider. Contactless payments will be available with your stylist/colorist as we will not have a receptionist taking payment at this time.


NEW WAY FOR YOUR HAIRCUTTING APPOINTMENT: Although appointment times are usually 1hr, we have increased appointment times to 1.5hrs, allowing enough time to clean the stations appropriately before the next client. Because of this time increase,  some stylists and colorists have raised their rates to cover the extended appointment time. Fewer clients per day and increased overhead require this increase.


ALL clients need to arrive with clean hair to a scheduled appointment. We will not be washing or rinsing in order to reduce traffic at sinks and increase safety. Your stylist will wet your hair with a spray bottle or cut your dry, whichever is fitting for your hair and style.


NEW WAY FOR YOUR COLOR APPOINTMENT: Colorists will only be able to have one client in their chair and in the salon at a time due to the minimized occupancy requirements. At this time we will not be blow drying your hair after your color service,  nor will you be able to do it yourself in the space. We will be happy to help with a simple quick wet style. Colorists will now be charging by the hour instead according to service type. Colorists are only allowed one client at a time and will no longer have the help of assistants, greatly affecting their revenue stream.


We really hope this is just for the next couple months, or until the New Year, and that we will be able to relax social distancing to have the salon feeling more “normal” soon. Thank you for your cooperation. We look forward to connecting with you soon.

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